Andre also known as The Courtier is a vampire in service to Marsilia. He was killed by Mercy Thompson in Blood Bound.

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Andre has the appearance of a very good-looking young-seeming man. He is also described as preferring to wear white shirts that don't always look good on him because his shoulders are to narrow and his flat stomach looks cadaverous. His natural skin tone however helps him look good when wearing the right clothes.

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Strength: As a vampire Andre is strong enough to uproot young trees.

Speed: Is faster than any human.

Endurance: Can take extensive damage that would kill a human several times over. Vulnerabilities however are sunlight, fire, being staked through the heart, beheading, and holy objects, ground, and holy water.

Blood Bonding: Andre can form magic bonds with those he feeds off of and in doing so increases the chances of turning them into a vampire without killing them.



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