A rare Omega werewolf, Anna Cornick 'nee Latham, is the mate of Charles Cornick and daughter-in-law of Bran Cornick.

Originally a member of one of the two Chicago packs, Anna is now a member of the Aspen Creek Pack.

History Edit

Alpha and OmegaEdit

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This is the beginning short story of the Alpha and Omega series. Anna is a werewolf who has been abused physically and sexually by the male dominants in her pack for the past three years. Anna calls the Marrok, Bran, after discovering that her Alpha, Leo, has changed a young boy against his will. However, Bran has already dispatched Charles to deal with some other discrepancies in Leo's pack. After meeting Anna, Charles's wolf, Brother Wolf, takes Anna as his mate. Charles then must protect Anna from her pack and identify why the pack is "sick". It is Charles who tells Anna that she is Omega and not a submissive wolf. He also explains that she is the key to figuring out what is wrong with the pack. After an attempt on Anna's life, Charles is wounded by a bullet graze. Charles and Anna then confront Leo, his mate Isabelle, and his first six. It is discovered that Leo has killed all of the old and dominant wolves who were in his pack because Isabelle has gone crazy and she had killed all of the women in the pack and started to change attractive men. Charles kills Leo and Justin, Anna's main tormenter and Leo's second, but he is injured by Isabelle who shoots him twice with silver through the chest and leg.

Cry WolfEdit

After the events in Chicago, Anna moves to Montana with Charles. She struggles with trusting an Alpha wolf but shows improvement by standing up for herself. However, there appears to be a rogue wolf hunting in the Montana pack's backyard. Anna agrees to hunt for the rogue with Charles as they both hope that her being an Omega can subdue the rogue and Charles will not be forced to kill it. As it turns out there are two werewolves and a black witch. 

Hunting GroundEdit

The werewolves are having a meeting to talk about Bran revealing werewolves to the public. Charles thinks that if Bran goes he will die, so he and Anna go instead.

Fair GameEdit

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Now that the werewolves are out in public their deaths have increased. The alphas have stopped killing their own when they are supposed to, so Charles has to do this. He hasn't been himself and is being haunted by the werewolves' ghosts. Anna is trying ti figure out what to do and has went to Bran and Asil, when Bran didn't budge. After he leaves, Adam Hauptman calls and says he can't leave to deal with something in Boston, because Mercy is still hurt and can't get any help from the werewolves. This is because she keeps sending them away when they help, so they can't go back. He suggests sending Charles, which Bran does.

They go to Boston to investigate a serial killer, who kills only fae and werewolves. They look at all the papers and figure out that it is more than one person and they are very strong. Later on, they meet the local alpha, Isaac, who is as old as Anna. He shows off and then apologizes for his behavior and invited them to the local bar/pub.

A new victim has just been taken and it turns out to be Lizzie Beauclaire. Her father, Alistair, is also involved in the investigation now. Charles talks to one of the house spirits and it helps him figure a few things out. He put Lizzie in a bag and carried her out of the hotel.

They are on the hunt to find Lizzie, though Alistair seems to think she is already dead. They get the help of two witches, who eventually lead them to an island where the darkness starts to eat at Anna. Charles gets her to bring out her wolf and they continue on with their mission. They end up finding a trail, which is where they can smell nothing. It leads them to an old house. They go down the stairs and Charles, with the help of Isaac's witch, sees the fae that took Lizzie. They only wound the beast, but it does run away. Charles, Isaac, and Alistair are hurt, but they have rescued Lizzie. She does have symbols carved into her face and a broken knee cap, which later puts her in crutches.

They all go home safe and they have a little get together to celebrate Lizzie's return at the pack's pub. Alistair shows up and says that Lizzie is in the hospital and it doesn't look good for her leg. She will never be able to dance again (she was a dancer). Anna does a little q&a with all the officers there, which does involve a man asking if she has sex with Charles in wolf form. She later gets away from it all and goes to the bathroom. She comes out to find Les Hueter, the cantrip worker who doesn't like fae and werewolves and senator Hueter's son. He is acting strange and next thing she knows she is being drugged.

Charles, who stayed home that night, is deep in his research. Someone knocks at the door and he notices it's Alistair, Isaac, Leslie Fisher, and Lin Armstrong(This may not be right.) He thinks it's odd, because Isaac was Anna's escort. He learns what has happened and tries to reach her through the bond. He gets a nosebleed and can't figure out where she is at all. The ghosts are also taunting him at the moment. Isaac tells the three others to leave and calls Bran. Together, the three figure out what direction Anna is and later figures out where she is being held.

They are on the way and Anna then wakes up. She hears Les and the fae, Benedict Hueter, talking about what they are going to do. She starts to change, but stops mid-change. This is very dangerous and she eventually uses the moon to help her finish it. Travis, the two Hueter's uncle, tells them to knock it off and the three go in there to check Anna out. Benedict is upset that she is a wolf, since he won't have sex with an animal. Travis tries to stab/poke her with something, but she ends up breaking it and has a weapon.

The group is in the car going to Anna. Isaac is driving, since Charles is still on edge. He eventually has Isaac pull over so he can just run to Anna. He ends up making it there first and attacks Benedict. He ends up killing him and then Anna gets hurt trying to escape. The whole thing ends with Les shooting Travis and trying to blame him for everything he has done, raping and torturing a lot of people.

A little bit after the events, Anna and Charles are at Les Hueter's trial. Charles, Lizzie, Anna, and possibly other people testify. In the end, he ends up getting off scott-free, in response Alistair leaves. They are all outside when a bunch of black horses appear. Alistair is on one and he makes a speech about how the fae and humans had a deal and how by letting Les free they are breaking it. He ends up cutting off Les' head and declaring the fae reservation independent from America.

Dead Heat Edit

For once, mated werewolves Charles and Anna are not traveling because of Charles’s role as his father’s enforcer. This time, their trip to Arizona, Scottsdale is purely personal--or at least it starts out that way.

Trying to get his mate's mind of babies Charles take Anna on a trip to Scottsdale, Arizona to buy a horse. This also gives Anna an opportunity to look at Charles past. There Anna meets Joseph( Charles old friend who is dying of cancer) and Maggie(Joseph's wife and an old flame of Charles).

There Charles and Anna soon discover that a dangerous Fae being is on the loose, replacing human children with simulacrums(fetches). This is as a result of the events in the previous book, but this fae made one mistake, he he attacked the great-grandchildren of the local alpha.