Ariana is a Fae Lady of several centuries of age and the creator of the Silver Borne. She is now mated and married to her lifelong love Samuel Cornick , a werewolf.


When Ariana first appears in the books her glamour makes her appear as a sweet-faced older woman with gray hair and faded hazel eyes.

Her true form is that of a beatiful fae woman with warm brown skin like that of the fur of a deer fawn and having silver-lavender hair that once swept all the way down to her lower back but that she has since shorn to finger length. She isn't conventionally beautiful by having eyes to big and a nose to small for humanity. Her body is covered in old scars.

Arianas' second shown glamour is created after she reunites with Samuel after centuries. She has altered her real appearance just enough to make her look human, her skin is tanned and human-smooth, her eyes gray, and her hair blonde.

Ariana always smells like "earth and forest and magic with a touch of something burning, air and salt water." This hints at her connection to all elemental branches of fae magic.


Arianna is kind and slightly shy person with strong noble qualities in her personality. She is brave enough to face down beings who are in a position of greater power then she and is willing to sacrifice herself for those are innocent and/or precious to her. She deeply cares for for her family and friends such as Samuel and her descendant Phin. She is also kind and helpful enough to lend any power she wields to the aid of a cause cause she agrees too. She seems to be lacking the common fae attitude to deals and spoken thanks from other beings.

The one apparent negative aspect of Arianas' personality is her Cynophobia, a fear of dogs which was brought on by her fathers' Fear Hounds torturing her for months on end. After several centuries Ariana has managed to overcome this fear to a certain point that she no longer fears mundane hounds though she still fears any type of canine connected with magic with the exception of her mate Samuel who is helping her to overcome this fear completely.

Ariana also has an alternate side to her personality, called the Beast which will take over and protect her if she is overcome with fear. This personality can communicate with Arianna freely.



Ariana was born to a Forest Lord and a Court Fae Lady.


Silver BorneEdit

Frost BurnedEdit

Night BrokenEdit

Fire TochedEdit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Ariana is strong enough in magic even in her weakened state to take out a city block.


Like all Fae Ariana can change her physical characteristics to appear as a human in all ways(weight, height, and age) with the the exception of her scent.


Ariana will never die of old age.


  • "It is my blood that it was born in, it finds its way back to me eventually" Ariana on the Silver Borne.


  • Ariana means "Silver" in welsh which is ironic as she is in love with, and now mated and married to Samuel, a welsh werewolf.

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