Benedict Heuter is a half-fae Horned Lord and the son of a deceased Horned Lord and also deceased Helena Heuter. He assisted his uncle Travis Heuter and cousin Les Heuter in a decades long series of serial murders. He was killed by Charles Cornick in Boston.

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Benedicts' glamour makes him into a young man who has blonde hair, blue eyes and is described as being bigger then Charles in both height and weight. He is noted as being obviously related to his uncle Travis and cousin.

His true appearance without his glamour is vastly different. He is twelve feet tall not including a set of white antlers that rise from his head and encircle like a crown and are tipped with actual silver. On his face his eyes and mouth are like those of a human but the rest is elongated in an oddly graceful manner. His whole body is covered in fur, even his face. It is silvery white at his head but slowly turns to the steel grey of his legs down the length of his body.

The fur is shorter on his face but is longer on the rest of his body with a mane from his neck and upper back gives the impression of melting wax. His shoulders, chest, and belly are covered in an silver armadillo-like armour that is part of his body. Hair covers most of his genitalia and his legs are built like those of a buffalo or deer but the size of a giraffes. The hair on his legs are like that of a Clydesdales'.

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