Blood Bound is the second book in the Mercy Thompson Series and the ninth book written by Patricia Briggs . It is preceded by Moon Called and followed by Iron Kissed .


The second book opens with the vampire Stefan Uccello calling in a favour from Mercy Thompson. He comes to pick her up and meets her cat, Medea before explaining he needs her in her coyote form to observe a visiting vampire. They later arrive at the hotel the vampire is staying at and meet Cory Littleton who after talking a bit with Stefan magically subdues him devours a maid in front of both Mercy and Stefan before Mercy attacks him and he knocks her unconcious.

Waking up in her trailer to find her roommate Samuel (a werewolf) trying to interrogate Stefan on the events of the night. Mercy has them remove a dog belt Stefan put on her for show and she and Stefan compare stories on what they remember and discover massive differences before determining that Stefans' memory of the hotel incident has been tampered with and Mercys' is true because she is partially immune to magic, through these stories and the variations Stefan determines that the vampire is possessed by a demon.

Stefan promises Mercy he will take down the vampire and then asks to for a place to stay the day as it is to light out for him to travel. Mercy lets him stay in her closet after stating that he is going to sleep and not be dead for the day in her closet but when she tries to sleep she is to disturbed by having a dead man in closet that she leaves for work bumping into Samuel and their neighbor Adam Hauptman(the local Alpha werewolf) on the way out. When she arrives at work she meets a ghost called Mrs. Hanna who she talks with before she enters her office where she greets her tool jockey Gabriel Sandoval and a man who calls himself Tom Black. Excusing herself she heads into the shop where she works the rest of the day with Zee before Warren Smith and Ben Shaw arrive to escort her to the local vampire seethe.

(Will finish ASAP).

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


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