Bran Cornick, currently The Marrok (alpha of all North American packs), is the most dominant werewolf in North America. He has two sons, Samuel, by an unknown woman, and Charles, by Blue-Jay Woman, who was his mate before she died after giving birth to Charles. His current mate is Leah Cornick. 

Bran's personal pack, where new (willing) wolves are changed and watched and both damaged and unstable wolves reside, is in Aspen Creek, Montana.

Bran's mother was a witch, making him witchborn. This is why he can send mental messages to people. 

History Edit

Bran's mother forced his and Samuel's change so she could play with them. She held them as pets for years and they did her bidding. This made her the most dangerous witch in the British Isles. Bran broke free when she ordered him to kill Samuel. He killed his mother and ate her. This woke the berserker, which is said to be "madness mated to cunning in an unholy combination". He killed every living thing within miles for years; entire villages were eradicated. Nothing lived within a day's walk of his den. One day, Bran just walked out of the wilderness with Samuel as his side as a lone wolf. He later traveled to America as a fur trapper David Thompson, a Welsh map maker, in 1809. Samuel was his only pack and the others came later. He also grew Aspen Creek starting from his trading post to the town it is today. His second son Charles was born around 1813 to his Salish mate Blue Jay Woman(she died after givng birth). Bran's wolf chose Leah as a mate. This causes friction as Bran the man can not love Leah the woman.

Appearance Edit

Bran has sandy-hair and a nondescript face. He looks like a college student, a computer geek or possibly an art major. He has a few scars, one that ran across his ribs and one just under his right arm. He has warm hazel eyes.

His wolf is small for a werewolf; almost the size of a regular wolf. His eyes are pale gold. His coat has all shades between white and black which make him appear a medium gray with a white tipped tail.

Traits and Facts Edit

  • Bran's wolf is completely under his control. Samuel calls it "Da's Direwolf trouble".
  • He has been the Marrok for almost two centuries.
  • He can talk to any werewolf he knows with his mind, but can't receive anything back. An ability inherited from his witch parentage.
  • He kept his power well contained.
  • He was sometimes mistaken for a real wolf or some wolf-dog hybrid.
  • He likes to appear as human as possible.
  • He belives that hard truths can be dealt with, triumphed over, but lies will destroy your soul. This is why he told Mercy what her foster father did when everyone thought she shouldn't know.
  • He makes all of his pack wear crosses.
  • He only speaks with a Welsh lilt when very angry.
  • Can use words like "blackguard" and make them sound like swear words.
  • He doesn't dream of the past a lot, but when he did, it wasn't about killing the witch. It was about all the people who had died after the witch was dead.
  • He despised and feared witches the most, because he would have become one himself.
  • He doesn't deal with black witches.
  • He will kill those that need killing.
  • He is very possessive and territorial. It is not like him to allow someone that belongs to him to wander off.
  • He only lights his study fireplace when he is worried about something. He sits crossed legged in front of it and stares into the flame.
  • He plays the violin.
  • He does not tolerate rogues close to his pack.
  • There is something not right between him and Leah. His wolf decided he needed a mate to replace Blue Jay Woman and found her. What was wrong could not be changed and he didn't want it to change. He only regretted that she was so often hurt.
  • He only talks about the present or near present. Ten or twenty years at most.
  • It had taken a few years after Blue Jay Woman's death to find Leah, a woman so selfish and stupid he was certain he could never love her.
  • He needed the mating bond to to hold the monster at bay, but couldn't afford to lose anyone else he loved that way. He found an acceptable compromise in Leah.
  • He had tried to hold on to Blue Jay Woman when she died, but you wan't link to the dead.
  • Can lie to where only Samuel or Charles can tell.
  • His company owned a few hotels and they had hefty investments in some others.
  • He is quiet and calm until he rips out your throat.
  • He despises his mate, but his wolf decided he'd been alone long enough.
  • When Charles' mother died, Samuel thought Bran would die right along with her.
  • What Tim did to Mercy brought his wolf to the surface.
  • He has a sweet saltiness along with the typical mint and musk werewolf scent.
  • Samuel wanted Mercy to hide his loss of control to spare Bran from having to kill his son.
  • He gave Mercy away at her wedding after arguing with Zee about who would have the honor and determining that he had prior claim.
  • He isn't a texter
  • Pack bonds are music to him