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Blue-Jay Woman (Former)

Leah Cornick


Samuel Cornick      (First Son)

Charles Cornick (Second Son)

Blue-Jay Woman    (Former Mate)

Leah Cornick      (mate)

Anna Cornick (daughter-in-law)

Mercy Thompson-Hauptman         (adoptive daughter)

Pack The Marrok/Aspen Creek pack
Pack Position  Marrok

Human (Former)


Age Unknown; though it is rumoured that he is the oldest werewolf alive.

Bran Cornick, also known as The Marrok, is the most dominant and werewolf in North America and Alpha to all North American werewolf packs. He has two sons, Samuel, by an unknown woman, and Charles, by Blue-Jay Woman, a Flathead Indian. His current mate is Leah Cornick.

His personal pack resides in Aspen Creek Montana.

He is the son of witch.

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