Charles Cornick is the second son of the Marrok, Bran Cornick, and his former mate Blue-Jay Woman, a Flathead Indian. He has the distinction of being the only person to be born a werewolf, as opposed to Changed per the usual method.

His mate and wife is Anna Cornick 'nee Latham.


Charles is a dominant wolf and only submits to his father. As the hand of the Marrok, he keeps himself closed off from all people. Everyone seems to fear Charles, who is saddened by this but recognizes it as a necessity. He is seen by many other characters as cold and one dimensional. However, Charles cares deeply for his pack and those less dominant than him. This proves a strain on his conscience as his instinct is to protect but he is forced to kill to uphold the law. As Charles was born a werewolf and not made, his wolf is almost a separate entity. He puts it as "two spirits, one soul". Brother Wolf and Charles are usually in harmony, however they do sometimes disagree. Charles has great control of his wolf. He can also be overprotective of his mate and his family. He does not like to be touched as he fears he may get to close to a person but Brother Wolf craves touch so his compromise is Anna. Charles can be aggressive towards others, except Anna, and he often shares as little information as possible. 

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