Darryl Zao is a werewolf, and second in the Columbia Basin Pack. He is the mate and husband of Auriele Zao and an Engineer at the Pacific Northwest Laboratories.

Physical Appearance Edit

A little over 6 feet tall, with looks that are an arresting blend of the Chinese and African cultures of his parents. Darryl mainly looks like someone who should have been modeling or starring in movies however, he is engineer working at the Pacific Northwest Laboratories.

Darryl's' wolf is brindle furred and has yellow eyes.

Personality Edit

Darryl is very protective of everyone but especially so with children. Mercy says he also has an eminently respectable air similar to that air which college professors sometimes have. Darryl can also be rather uptight usually, but he also enjoys watching Adam and Mercy together, he finds it humorous.

  • He protects the pack selflessly, but he can be a real asshole about it.

History Edit

Darryl first met Adam Hauptman when he had been getting an engineering degree at an American University.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Shifting: Darryl can shape-shift to his wolf form in fifteen minutes (at the fastest). He is more dangerous physically in this form.

Supernatural Strength: Darryl can easily lift a piano if balanced properly.

Speed: Darryl can run faster than any normal human in his human form and faster than any normal wolf in his wolf form.

Regeneration: Because Darryl is extremely dominant he can heal himself from almost anything that doesn't kill him quickly.


Senses: Has all the enhanced hearing and scenting abilities of a wolf, although they are most heightened in his wolf form.

Quotes Edit

"Dead guys don't get an opinion, we're the good guys. That we're scary doesn't mean we're the villains."

-Darryl to the Pack after their escape in Frost Burned.

Trivia Edit

  • He drives a Silver 67 Mustang
  • He has a Ph.D. in Engineering