Excalibur is a major Fae artifact created by Siebold Adelbertsmiter. It was used by the legendary King Arthur and was recently in the possession of Arthur Madden.

Description Edit

Excalibur is single-handed sword made razor sharp and looking as if it was Damascus forged. It is not gilded and bejeweled like some stories paint it as such, but rather simply and well made. It is described by Anna Cornick as appearing powerful and as a warriors sword made for killing.

Powers Edit

When Arthur Madden used Excalibur against Charles when stabbed Charles simply lost the ability to move until the blade was removed. Charles suspected that Excalibur might be able to stop magical attacks and it is strongly believed that Excalibur should be able to kill almost anything if not anything.

History Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In Hunting Ground Dana Shea called Excalibur two other names, Caladbog and Caledfwych. Caladbog was the name of the sword used by the Ulster hero Fergus mac Leti and Caledfwych is the old Welsh name for Excalibur.