Iron Kissed is the third book in the Mercy Thompson Series and the tenth book written by Patricia Briggs . It is preceded by Blood Bound and followed by Bone Crossed . It was published January 2, 2008.


The story opens with Mercy having bad movie night with Warren Smith and Kyle Brooks before going with Zee to the local Walla Walla Fae reservation to aid the Fae in residence in identifying the killer and Mercy points them in the direction of a reservation security guard Thomas O'Donnell. The next day Mercy goes with Kyle and Warren to a music festival called Tumbleweed where Samuel Cornick plays. During the festival Adam Hauptman sits behind Mercy and later after Samuel is done playing Uncle Mike calls to tell her Zee is in prison as he was caught by the police when he and Zee went to talk to O'Donnell at his house and found him dead right before the police arrived and Uncle Mike was able to escape with his magic but Zees' was not suitable. Mercy promises to help and Mike promises to pay for a lawyer if she hires one. Mercy calls Tony Montenegro and tells him Zee did not kill O'Donnell and after convincing him, Tony tells her she needs to get Zee a lawyer. After saying goodbye Mercy and her group walk over to Samuel who is talking to a young man named Tim Milanovich about Samuels' performance. When Tim leaves Samuel asks Mercy what is wrong as he can smell her worry.

Kyle finds an lawyer named Jean Ryan for Mercy and Mercy tells her everything on Kyles' advice. Later that night Mercy investigates O'Donnells' house as a coyote and sees his ghost and O'Donnells' actions when he was killed before she notices an antique walking stick and an exceptionally large raven follows her into the house and takes the walking stick before leaving via through stone wall.

Mercy goes home to find Uncle Mike and Samuel in her living room. After making herself hot chocolate Mercy and the other two discuss what Mercy found in O'Donnells' house and Mercy asks Mike if O'Donnell took any fae artifacts, how many fae on the reservation can turn into a raven and how many have the strength to rip off a mans' head. Uncle Mike admits that there are a few fae who could have killed O'Donnell in the manner he died but none that become ravens. Mike wonders how he and Zee missed the walking stick and reveals that the raven is a Gray Lord, one of the rulers of the fae before giving Mercy money for Zees' lawyer and asking her to call him before leaving.

The next day Mercy goes to church and then calls Tony and Jean Ryan before doing some research on Zee on a whim. She then receives a call on her phone from Ben who tells her that she needs to get to Adams' house before Mercy hears Adam roar and Ben hangs up. Rushing over Mercy finds Adam questioning his daughter Jesse who looks like she was jumped and Gabriel Sandoval, Jesses' boyfriend and Mercys' tool jockey while Adams' wolves Darryl, Honey, Peter, and Ben stand out of his way. When Mercy asks Jesse if she is okay Jesse runs to Mercy and tells her she needs to stop her father causing Adam to roar in anger of Jesse protecting her attackers before Mercy chastises him for not cleaning Jesse up and dragging her upstairs. Adam follows them and after Mercy asks him to get a washcloth he punches in the doorframe then complies. Mercy then questions Jesse about what happened and Jesse tells her that a pair of boys jumped her as she was walking to find a phone as she had left hers at home and after her friends filled a car. After the boys jumped her Gabriel who happened to walking by came to her rescue. The boys ran off when Gabriel stopped to check on Jesse. After Adam comes back and Gabriel and the present pack gather they discuss what to do about the resulting power play. They decide on sending a werewolf in wolf form with Jesse to school for current events class assignment. Mercy sends the has all but Jesse and her downstairs to go over the details while she cleans up Jesse. Once they are alone Mercy has Jesse shower with her clothes on to destroy the attackers scents to keep them safe from Adam. Leaving to get clean clothes for Jesse Mercy walks into Adam and when he inquires about the scents Mercy tells him what she did, not without satisfaction. When he asks whether she got the scents and she refuses to tell him, he calls her a liar and kisses her. They end up with Adam against the wall with Mercy plastered against him before Darryl interrupts them. Mercy retreats to Jesses' bedroom before Adam and Darryl head back downstairs. Honey joins Mercy in the bedroom and reminds her how she has to choose between Adam and Samuel before Jesse comes in and tells Mercy how Adam would have let has go after the vampire sorcerer a few months ago. Jesse tells Mercy that Adam has given Jesse bodyguards and Mercy heads home.

When she heads home Samuel asks her what is wrong and Mercy tells him that Jesse got jumped and Samuel goes to check on Jesse before taking Mercy to the pizza place all the Tumbleweed musicians have gathered for one last huzzah. After collecting food Sam and Mercy sit down with a pair of young men named Tim Milanovich and Austin Summers. Mercy recognizes the two mens scents from O'Donnells' house. Sam and Austin go and retrieve their instruments from their cars while Mercy and Tim talk folklore. Tim mentions he knew O'Donnell and invites Mercy to a Bright Future meeting before Sam and Mercy head back home. On the way Samuel angrily asks why he didn't beat up Tim, and Mercy concludes that Samuels' wolf doesn't see Mercy as their mate but their pack. When they get home Samuel goes over to Adams' to tell him of the revelation despite Mercys' protest and panic. As she gets ready for bed she finds the walking stick that the Crow left O'Donnells' house with and calls Uncle Mike who tells her that she can do with it whatever the artifact itself allows and that if she wishes to return it to leave it outside her house for whoever might come get it. She does so, and goes to sleep.

The next day the walking stick is gone and when Mercy arrives at her shop she finds Adam already there, and newly installed security cameras and locks. Mercy demands that Adam have his people remove the extra security from her property before Adam angrily reminds her that she is messing with Fae business, has encountered multiple Gray Lords over the last few days, and is going to a Bright Future meeting before kissing her possessively and then driving away, leaving Mercy stunned and excited in front of her door. Later Gabriel and a techie come by and go over the security systems. Later in the day while Mercy is working on a car Tony Montenegro walks in with a Fae specialist named Dr. Stacy Altman.

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  • In Iron Kissed Adam's wolf colouring is reversed.