Iron Kissed is the third book in the Mercy Thompson Series and the tenth book written by Patricia Briggs . It is preceded by Blood Bound and followed by Bone Crossed . It was published January 2, 2008.


The story opens with Mercy having bad movie night with Warren Smith and Kyle Brooks before going with Zee to the local Walla Walla Fae reservation to aid the Fae in residence in identifying the killer and Mercy points them in the direction of a reservation security guard Thomas O'Donnell. The next day Mercy goes with Kyle and Warren to a music festival the next day where Samuel Cornick plays. During the festival Uncle Mike calls to tell her Zee is in prison when he and Zee went to talk to O'Donnell at his house and found him dead right before the police arrived and Uncle Mike was able to escape with his magic but Zees' was not suitable.

mercy goes with Samuel to a restaurant with all the other musicians

Mercy investigates O'Donnells' house

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit



  • In Iron Kissed Adam's wolf colouring is reversed.

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