Written by Patricia Briggs,  The Mercy Thompson Series is a series of Urban fantasy books and Graphic Novels focusing on the life and adventures of shifter Volkswagen mechanic, Mercedes "Mercy" Thompson. As of March 2017, there are ten books in the series, along with two Graphic Novels.


The series takes place, primarily, in the Tri-Cities area (Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland) of Washington State. However, there are excursions to the Columbia River, and Prague.


The books thus far in the series (publication date), and in chronological order, are as follows:


Published in 2009 by Dabel Brothers publishing this four-part series was later re-released as one graphic novel by Del Ray. Homecoming is a prequel to the Mercy Thompson Series, taking place several years before the events of Moon Called. It tells the story of how Mercy came to the Tri-City Area.

Hopcross Jilly Edit

Focusing primarily on Jesse Hauptman this graphic novel was published in 2014.

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Spin-Offs/Side StoriesEdit

Patrica Briggs has also released several stories that take place in the same world as Mercy Thompson, though focusing on other characters. Many of these stories are found in anthologies with other authors.

Shifting Shadows Edit

Shifting Shadows is a collection of short stories by Patricia Briggs, including the Alpha and Omega novella. It collects many of the short stories listed above, a few of which can only be found in Shifting Shadows.

Alpha and Omega (Series) Edit

Additionally, a secondary series which follows Charles and Anna Cornick has been released.

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