The former boss of Mercy, Siebold Adelbertsmiter is a fae, specifically Loan Maclibuin: the Dark Smith of Drontheim. He often refers to himself as a gremlin, though he predates the term, sometimes he will admit to being a Mettalzauber. He is commonly known as Zee to his friends.

Appearance & Physical Attributes Edit

Zee's glamour is described as being a tall but thin man with a paunch and brown hair that is graying (and eventually completely grey) and having slate grey eyes.

The first time Zee drops his glamour in Mercy's presence he is described as being over seven feet tall and terrifyingly beautiful with teak skin, silver or gold hair in a single braid that hangs over shoulder, but would reach his lower back. He has pointed ears with bone piercings around the edges and his slate grey eyes that are more startling than his glamour.

The second time he drops his glamour he looks mostly the same as before, but is taller and missing any evidence of the bone ear piercings.

He mostly wears plaid shirts, jeans, and steel-toed boots. He almost always has a scowl on his face.

Personality Edit

Zee often comes across as grouchy, and not a people person. He has however, been known to do many a small kindness and is suspected of doing many more, though they embarrass him. Mercy thinks he has a marshmallow heart and he cares deeply for his son, Mercy, Jesse, and the Sandoval children.

Centuries ago he is noted as having a much more fearsome and infamous reputation as not being someone anyone would want to cross. He has mellowed with age.

When it comes to cars Zee is not sentimental and prefers to do the best job he can despite what other people may think. He also likes the modern era better as he is able to do more with metal than just create weapons.

Background Edit

The story of Loan Maclibuin tells of a man who was to be executed. He asked to be beheaded by his King's sword (Macabuin made by Loan) while his head was over the same King's knee. The King Olave agreed, and to save the his leg, he had his witch put a collection of nine times nine adders eggs, rowan twigs, and toad skins beneath the man to be executed. Beheading the man, King Olave cut through the adders eggs, rowan twigs and all but three of the toad skins, but his leg was spared. When Loan Maclibuin hears of this, he is angered because the price of KIng Olave earning the sword included a promise that it never be stained with the blood of a lowborn man. Loan sent his hammerer Hiallus-nan-urd to bring him Olave to discuss the violation of the agreement. Loan then created a new and more powerful sword to quench in Olave's blood. When Olave arrived he met Loans' daughter Emergaid from who he learned Loan's intentions. When Loan attempted to kill Olave, Olave fought. He stabbed Loan through the heart in turn with the very sword Loan had intended to drive through Olave's heart. Haillus-nan-urd was killed soon after and Olave left with the new sword and Emergaid, whom he later married. It is unknown if this story is true but Loan obviously survived.

When known as Loan Maclibuin he killed a man named Adelbert who planned to bring Christianity to Norway in the middle of a street not long after Adelbert got off the ship he had come in on.

He also at one time hunted Asil for three weeks in high winter in the Alps being outsmarted constantly before Asil eventually escaped his hunter; this lead to a great respect between the two.

In the late twentieth century Zee was forced to marry a human woman by the Gray Lords in a plan to see if they could create more Fae by breeding with humans. Haveing fallen in love with his wife, he sired a son with her and they named him Thaddeus Adelbertsmiter. About nine years later when Zees' wife died from cancer he fell into depression and resorted to alcohol for dulling his pain. It was at this time that he met Mercy when Tad hired her to work at their shop, Zee then fired her. Over the next month he would have to fire her three more times before giving in and letting her stay as Tad kept rehiring her. Zee also found out she is a Walker, and saw her working at the local Burger King which was the final straw in accepting her working for him. When the Gray Lords decided it was time for Zee to admit he was Fae he sold the shop to Mercy and retired before coming out as a Fae. He will still come and help out in the shop often.

Plot Edit

In Moon Called Mercy calls Zee to tell him that she is leaving town to take Adam to Bran and to ask him to close the shop. He however decides to run the shop and "deal" with whoever may attack him.

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Powers & Abilities Edit

Glamour: Zee possesses the standard Fae ability of Glamour. This allows him to change his physical attributes such as weight, height, and appearance.

Metalzauber: He is also one of the rare fae to be 'Iron Kissed,' allowing him to touch steel and iron as well as manipulate it in almost any way he wishes, unlike other fae. He also possesses a talent for fixing things beyond a mortal's skill and is well known for making several dangerous magical blades throughout fae history as he is a famous blacksmith. He can also destroy magical fae artifacts as seen in Fire Touched.

Senses: Zee has supernatural hearing and an ability to sense magic.

Strength: Uncle Mike says that Zee could once have simply pulled a human's head from their shoulders but that he has (Like a lot of fae) lost some of his magic over the centuries.

Swordsmanship: Zee is a superb swordsman having no trouble with defeating four opponents with simply this skill and defeat the Fideal soon after in Fire Touched. He used to forge swords so it comes as no surprise that he would be well acquainted with their use.

Illusions: Zee was able to create an illusion to hide graffiti painted on the shop for a limited amount of time while remaining physical contact.

Pathways: Zee was able to open a pathway to the Fairy Queen's Elphane.

Known WorksEdit

As a smith, Zee has created numerous mystical items. His known creations are as follows:

  • Zee's Knife - A magical sword which can cut through even steel. Zee can change its' size to suit his needs from dagger size to at least long-sword size. This is his personal sword.
  • Drachen - A coin which incinerates anything touching it when its name "drachen" is spoken and intent is meant.
  • Excalibur - There is mention of a sword forged by the Dark Smith of Dronthiem and quenched from the blood of Lugh. It is most well known as Excalibur.
  • Hunger - One of several blades Zee made out of materials other than iron and steel so common fae could wield them. Hungers for blood and can eat magic.
  • Macabuin - King Olave's Sword that could cut through the hardest granite. Macabuin means Stainless.
  • Carnwennen - King Arthur's dagger.

Quotes Edit

"Don't you start, girl. We live in the present and let the past take care of itself." -- Moon Called

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Trivia Edit

  • Medea likes him, although this isn't a suprise as she likes anyone able to pet her.
  • He is described by Patricia Briggs as being on the power scale of the supernatural world from one to ten with a brownie as a one and a Gray Lord as a ten as an eight, though he is a nine when angry.
  • His general grumbling cursing is in modern German, when he starts swearing in old German it isn't a good sign.