Stefan Uccello also known as The Soldier is a vampire and friend of Mercy Thompson . He was a mercenary during the Renaissance and was turned by Marsilia .


Stafan has dark brown hair and eyes that are brown like polished walnuts. He is as tall as Samuel Cornick and built along the same lines, making him tall and in good physical shape that would be expected of the soldier he was.


Stefan has a cheerful and warm personality that is genuine despite being a vampire though he can be serious and terrifying when the situation calls for it. He has the strength of will that most vampires lack, being able to keep a large menagerie alive and healthy in his care and keep from killing his bound. He is in love with Mercy and Marsilia too to a certain degree.


Stefan arrived in the Tri-Cities area a few centuries ago. A hint at his past in Blood Bound, indicates he previously was running away from Italy under presumably scandalous or dishonorable reasons.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Strength: Stefan being a vampire is strong enough to uproot young trees by himself.

Speed: He is faster than any mortal human.

Blood Bonding: Through the exchange of blood Stefan is able to prepare humans who are bond to him for the turn to vampire. He is also able to help people he keeps with blood related diseases and halting the aging process.

Enthralling: Stefan is able to capture the minds of humans he plans to feed from or kill.

Teleportation: Stefan is able to move instantly from one place to another. He can also take passengers, but this is limited as he can only do it six or seven times when at full strength before he needs to rest and recover.



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