Thaddeus "Tad" Adelbertsmiter is a half-blood Fae and the son of Siebold Adelbertsmiter. He is a friend of Mercy Thompson who considers him to be like a younger brother.

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Tads' glamour is described as physically fit but homely with a squashed nose and goofy looking ears that stick out.

When Tad drops his glamour he is a little taller and a lot "buffer" and now having beautiful human features as well as pointed ears and eyes of polished silver with a cat’s-eye pupil of purple.

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Tad has a cheerful and outgoing personality although recent experiences have hardened him in many ways.

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Like all other able Fae Tad can change his appearance, weight, and size to appear as he wills.

Metalzauber Edit

Tad can manipulate all types of metal using magic he inherited from his father. This allows him to remove silver from werewolves bodies, cause cars to melt, and trap the volcano god Guayota in magically protected aluminium.

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Tad has supernatural strength.

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Tad has taken two years of akikdo.

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