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Anna and Charles Cornick, Werewolves


Werewolves are a shifter race, which have the ability to switch between human and wolf form. Like the Fae, their existence is public knowledge.

History Edit

Werewolf existed since the beginning of time predating human history. Werewolves seems to be a natural occurrence in nature. Werewolf society existed as single territorial packs stretched across the known world before the bubonic plague. Afterward it was decided that there should be an Alpha of Alphas to rule the werewolves.

Being a Werewolf Edit

No one is able to be born a Werewolf, with one exception. Humans are able to become a Werewolf if they are savagely bitten by one to the point of near death

Biology Edit

Appearance Edit

In human form, werewolves appear like normal human beings (Altough they almost always appear as physically fit twenty somethings). Each Werewolf will have a different wolf form, which will differ mainly in the fur and eye colour. Almost all werewolves are larger and weight more than their grey wolf cousins who on average weigh in at one hundred and fifty pounds and their human forms by use of magic from the shapeshifting on average weighing in at two hundred and fifty pounds. Although werewolves are built similarly to other normal wolves they have several notable physical differences such as the fact their shoulders are built more like a grizzly or jaguars' shoulders allowing them to be excellent climbers and to allow them to use their forelegs like grizzly in fights.

The other physical traits that cause werewolves to differencate are the fact that they have retractable claws instead of regular wolf nails and have fur coats that more closely resembles a dogs coat than a wild wolves pelt most of the time.

Anatomy Edit

Werewolves in human form do not stand out. Though they are immortal so they shown no signs of ageing stabilizing their physical appearance around twenty-five or so. It also takes time to shift shape and is a highly painful process. Bones snapping and realigning. Muscles tearing and then shifting. And any form of touch from one shape to the other causes even more pain and discomfort. It is also physically draining on the werewolf. Due to their extremely high metabolism, werewolves go through a lot of food. Particularly meat in large quantities.

Feeding Edit

Werewolves are able to digest food and regular drinks. However, in his wolf form, werewolves can digest anything that a normal wolf can consume. This includes humans, animals, vampires and other werewolves.

Society Edit

Werewolves are territorial and form packs that vary in size. The pack is formed of Dominant and Submissive werewolves. The most dominant male werewolf will be the alpha and lead the pack. Submissives have no dominance and the whole pack will work to protect them. The Alpha will have a second and third who will be the next dominant male wolves. Female Werewolves take their rank from who they're mated to regardless of their own dominance. Un-mated females are typically at the bottom of the pack.

There are also omega wolves who exist outside the pack structure and work to help protect the pack from both outside and inside threats by fulfilling the social duties not unlike an Native American medicine man.

Psychological Characteristics Edit

Werewolves are known to be aggressive, strong and fast, even in human form. Often they will have trouble controlling their tempers. Werewolves seem to have a strong sense of duty to protect pack members and those they love.