Wulfe or The Wizard is an ancient Vampire and Witch who is a member of the Tri-cities Seethe and is capable of using magic.

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Wulfe is an ancient vampire. Despite this due to the fact that he was changed in his teenage years he has retained his youtful appearance with blonde hair. With bloodlust his eyes turn ruby red and during the daytime they are the eyes of the dead.

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Wulfe is noted as being odd and frightening even by other vampires, but that it got worse once one of his children broke him before sending him away with Marsilia to America when she was exiled from Milan, Italy during the Renaissance.

He has a habit of tapping out the rhythm of Mercy Thompsons' heartbeat with his head whenever he is around her. He is however very loyal to Marsilia as will more often then not follow her orders and devises and puts into motion plans designed to grow or secure her power.

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"The Lord of Night, is the reason Wulfe is the way he is, Adam. He wasn't always..."


"No, he was always strange. But he didn't used to enjoy pulling wings off butterflies."

Stefan, Darryl, and Marsilia discussing Wulfe with Adam Hauptman, Silence Fallen

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